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  • Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services, cloud-based services for small businesses. Web enabled Office applications, users can work together more easily from anywhere on virtually any device, including smartphones. Call our Tech Agents at: (631) 834-4796 for the Best service on the planet.
  • Physically set up one PC or Mac computer system, including the computer plus monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers Organize wires and cables with your cable ties (ties not included) Install one new software application (software not included) Install one peripheral or external device (device not included) Configure your new computer to access your existing Internet account and one existing e-mail account Test your computer to make sure it is functioning properly
  • Wireless networking made easy by Geek Squad Repair. Install Wireless Routers, Share files, enable network security and add printer connections with this on location service. Contact an agent for details.
  • Install/repair and configure 1-2 software title Perform necessary software updates Create desktop, start menu and quick launch bar access shortcuts Software NOT included